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Meeting with solicitors

We started out in 1984 as Beresford and Long Solicitors, before recently changing to become Accident Solicitors Direct (ASD). Our firm is staffed by qualified and highly experienced personal injury solicitors who will deal with your case directly.

Based in Yorkshire, we pride ourselves in providing a high quality, dedicated service to local people, just as we have done for the past 25 years.

Our straight talking and committed solicitors have a range of specialisms, including Health and Safety law, the insurance industry and advocacy. We also have a wide range of contacts who are local experts in various legal areas, who will all work to ensure our clients get the compensation they deserve.

Personal Service to the Local Community

Our team focus on providing a personal, tailored service to people in the local community. We will always begin with an initial home visit, putting you at ease and focusing on your specific case requirements. Our service will always be face to face, giving you direct contact with your specialist solicitor throughout your case.

Find out how we can help you by calling us for free, or contact us via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

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